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New year, new friends: making meals with strongsville seniors

On Friday, January 10th, M.A.D. Club hosted its signature brown-bag peanut-butter and jelly meal-making activity with faces of new and old! When members of the Strongsville Senior Center heard about M.A.D. Club's mission, they wanted to get involved as soon as possible, and what better way to introduce them to who we are than with this classic activity? Old friends and volunteers, such as former Padua Franciscan High School Chapter President, Jenna Mey, joined the group and befriended the seniors, chatting with them about our mission. At the end of the meeting, the seniors had successfully made over 115 brown bag meals for the homeless, complete with a bottle of water, a snack or two, napkins, and of course, a delicious peanut butter and jelly sandwich!

This meeting marked the start of a great new friendship with the Strongsville Senior Center, which we will be working with again soon!


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