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All I want for Christmas is...a tractor!

Merry Christmas to one and all! On this great holiday, we're thrilled to report that our friends at the Ben Franklin Community Garden have recently acquired a brand new tractor --- that M.A.D. Club helped them raise funds for!

According to Ben Franklin's newsletter released this month:

"The tractor is a 2015 New Holland Workmaster 37 with a front end loader. It has a 36 horse power engine, nearly double that of our old tractor. It will provide us with the means to maintain and improve the Ben Franklin Community Garden for years to come. We were able to make the purchase with a generous grant provided by the Cleveland Foundation, in partnership with OBCDC, a donation from the M.A.D Club, and with funds raised and donated by our Garden Committee and our gardeners. We thank all of you who have donated your time, supported our fundraisers and made donations to the garden. Your generosity has made this purchase possible."

We're so happy to help, Ben Franklin! We can't wait to see what the next growing season looks like with your new tractor. See you in the spring, and happy holidays!


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