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As seen on TV: M.A.D. Club makes the news!

M.A.D. Club recently acuired a new friend -- Denise Dufala of WKYC Channel 3 News! On August 1, 2018, at approximately 7 p.m., Channel 3 aired a feature about M.A.D. Club as a part of Dufala's new series focusing on kindness.

Dufala was recently named the National Ambassador for Be-Kind-Stick-Together, an anti-bullying and kindness-oriented project sponsored by Project Love (another friend of M.A.D. Club!). Project Love is an organization that empowers students and adults to build communities of kindness, caring and respect through programs that teach, promote, and provide skills and tools to enable individuals to make positive values-based decisions every day.

With this new position, Dufala is creating a series of features focusing on kindness within the Cleveland community and beyond that will air on Channel 3 throughout the coming months. In mid-July, Dufala visited M.A.D. Club during one of our Ben Franklin Community Garden service trips and conducted an interview with founder, Madison Wagner, and spoke to other volunteers as well. She and her team took great footage of beautiful Ben Franklin and learned all about our project with the Hunger Gardens. M.A.D. Club was honored to be one of the first in the series!

To our friends at WKYC and especially to Denise Dufala: thank you so much for this outstanding opportunity and for encouraging kindness throughout Cleveland and beyond! We are thrilled to support you as you continue to shine a light on doing good!

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