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Pancake breakfast raises money to purchase 325 blankets for the homeless

This past Sunday, December 10th, 2017, M.A.D. Club hosted it's first ever fundraiser in the form of a pancake breakfast! The all-you-can-eat breakfast took place at Gilmour Academy's Commons, located in Gates Mills, OH. All proceeds from the event benefitted M.A.D. Club's newest project, "Blankets of Love", which is a campaign to purchase military-grade and water repellent blankets to be distributed to various homeless shelters within Cleveland!

Twenty-six volunteers aided us with their effort and enthusiasm at the breakfast, as well as over one hundred donors and customers. Santa Claus also made an appearance, and live Christmas music was performed on the piano by volunteer Dominic Alexander '19. For our first fundraiser, we raised $1950, which has allowed us to purchase 325 blankets for the homeless. The blankets will be delivered to the Gilmour Academy M.A.D. Club chapter where volunteers there will organize and distribute the blankets directly to the homeless!

"Blankets of Love" is going to be an ongoing campaign throughout the remainder of the winter. Donate today to save someone from the harsh winter winds!

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