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M.A.D. Club Spotlight: Josh Miavitz donates 80 men's sweaters

This week we want to give a super huge shoutout to Gilmour volunteer, Josh Miavitz '20, for donating over 80 men's sweaters to M.A.D. Club! Josh explained that he had been wanting to donate them for a while and wasn't sure where they should go, but he knew M.A.D. Club would be just the place for finding a good home for them! Josh is an excellent volunteer and frequently participates in projects, such as the recent pancake breakfast benefitting Blankets of Love.

M.A.D. Club distributed the sweaters between Project Hope in Painesville and St. Dominic's Church. With the help of Gilmour mom, Kate Brown, the sweaters were delivered within two days of their arrival at Gilmour! We want to sincerely thank Mrs. Brown for her time and generosity in delivering them --- she saw them being organized after school earlier this week and, without knowing the cause, immediately offered her help. You helped us make a difference, Mrs. Brown! She then delivered them to both shelters and took the pictures below of the team at Project Hope happily recieving them.

Until next time, keep making a difference!

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